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Choosing a college field can be a big unknown to a young person, and a decision on their future and job can be difficult and challenging. Many high school students decide on the field of college purely on the basis of their hobbies and hobbies, some act on the initiative of their parents, friends, etc. Of course, when the job becomes a hobby, it may also happen that the field you study because You enjoy it, it will not offer you free space on the labor market. What we are going to talk about is also important.

So which disciplines are up to date? You may have already heard that there is a great demand for technical fields today, if not, it is. Previously very attractive economic fields, but the current situation suggests that the market is saturated in this field and finding work in the economy is no longer so easy. However, the technical fields still suffer from a shortage of skilled workers. In addition to the selection of IT fields, you will also find a great application in the fields of engineering, transport, energy and construction.

Other interesting areas of good practice include banking, finance, insurance, but also law and medicine. These will always be needed. The humanities are attractive for the students, but unfortunately the application is not great and it should also be taken into account that if someone is planning a career in the state sector, they have to accept the table salaries (ie no glory).

Can you think about the future situation? When looking at the current society, some experts believe that agriculture will be a promising field (you just have to eat). As psychologists and psychiatrists’ surges burst at the seams, the future can be seen here as well, so so visit the – website. Given the demographic aging of the population, it is clear that there will be a need for nurses, nurses, etc., but it is a continually underestimated field, and if you are not helping others with life, you will probably not be satisfied.

That none of the fields seem interesting to you? Does not matter. One does not have to choose a field according to what brings him high earnings or job security. Then you can expect that the study will not entertain you, fulfill it and you will be “patting” it and you will not finish the school. So try to consider the attractiveness of the industry from the perspective of the labor market and from the perspective of your preferences, and then decide.

It’s not about doing a smaller regional market survey. Do you live in the Moravian-Silesian Region? Then it is clear that industry is playing prim and easy to find. Will you be willing to move to other parts of the country? Then the decision is easier for you. The difference is sometimes in the same fields and within different universities, and the quality of education is decisive. Unemployment statistics for individual school graduates available on the internet can help here.

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