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What to Look for When Telling a Writer “Do My CV for Me”

The world of CV writing services is filled with numerous writers, some of which are legit others are scammers. Landing in the hands of a fraudulent writer can cost you time and money. Worse, it can make you fail to submit a well-written CV within the stipulated deadline. This begs the question if there are scammers, is it wise to hire a CV writing service? Of course. You stand to gain numerous benefits such as submitting a professionally written CV that boost your chances of landing that job.

Besides, securing a job is more than just using a CV to capture the attention of a recruiter and making a lasting first impression. You must beat your competition and submit a CV that proves you are indeed the only ideal person worthy of filling the vacant position.

A professional CV writer can help meet your career goals by submitting a job application document with a high success rate. However, to ensure you do not land in a fraudulent writer’s hands, always consider the following factors before settling on a specific individual.


When you opt to hire a professional, they must be career coaches, recruiters, industry experts, and writers with extensive CV writing experience. The right service will only hire native English speakers who have passed through a strict vetting process. This ensures only competent writers that deliver exceptional CVs are part of the team.

Use profiles to verify credentials or ask for a certification as they pinpoint the measure of skills, knowledge, and experience. If your job is more technical or unique, it is best to hire someone who understands that’s career field.


Be wary of extremely cheap writers as they may not put a lot of attention on your document. In most cases, they might have other projects. Hence will split the time and work in a rush to complete all the orders. They can also make the mistake of using outdated techniques, including the wrong structure, formatting, and including objective statements instead of a profile summary.

However, a professional might be expensive, but they are most likely to give value for money. For starters, the CV they produce the first time is less likely to need revisions. This eradicates the time-wasting aspects of waiting for the amendments to be completed. Besides, crafting a CV from scratch requires extensive research of the keywords which allow your CV to move past the ATS.


A reputable CV writing service that has been in the industry for several years is likely to have won various awards. Go for companies that have worn the TORI awards or even those which have been nominated at least once. That way, you can be confident that your CV is being written by one of the best writers.


Former clients who have experience working with a CV writing service often leave ratings and reviews that can assist you in making an informed decision. Those with a high rating are ideal as they focus on surpassing a customer’s expectation and satisfaction.

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