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Top 5 Speech Writing Books

While reading a single book will not improve your speech writing skills overnight, when you have a collection of the best speech writing books, the chances of composing a great speech or presentation is high. Here are the top 5 books speech writing books worth reading.

Steal the Show

If you are a public speaker, you are more likely to need tips you can use to sharpening your skills so that you can boost the chances of getting a standing ovation in all your performances. Well, Steal the Show can not only help you unlock your inner voice, but also give tips on the right way to provide compelling sales pitches and close deals successfully.

In Steal the Show, the author Michael Port uses his own experience as a successful actor and speaker to teach readers how to connect, interact, and persuade an audience to take the intended call of action. By reading the book, a reader will also gain knowledge on the best way to convey the intended message to result in a maximum impact. Overall, if you plan to collect the best speech writing books, Steal the Show by Michael Port is a must-have on your shelf.

Element of Style

It is impossible to be a good speechwriter unless you understand all the nuances of the English language, and that is where The Elements of Style by William Strunk comes in. It gives the reader a list of words commonly misused, more than ten principles of composition, and many other elements whose sole purpose is to help improve your writing style. If you aspire to be a great speechwriter and understand all the writing rules or communicating clearly, The Element of Style is a must-have.

Your Wedding Speech Made Easy

With a wedding day fast approaching, and you have been tasked with presenting a great speech yet, it is your first time, you might be nervous. However, With Your Wedding Speech Made Easy by J. Thomas Steele, a learner can quickly grasp the basics of quality speech writing, especially if for the father of one's son- or daughter-in-law, Best man, or maid of honor.

The knowledge then becomes applicable when delivering a memorable and entertaining speech, not just for weddings but also for other events. What separates this book from the rest is that it comes with customized toasts, quotations, and unique cheat sheets that come in handy when you quickly want to compose your own memorable wedding speech.

Connect Using Humor and Story

We all aspire to present speeches that result in applause and cheering from the audience. Right? Well, in this magnificent book, Ramakrishna Reddy presents the tools, skills, and tips you require to give a speech within 7 minutes and make the audience laugh. The book is just not based on opinions but solid research, which means you actually get information that has been tried and tested in real-life scenarios.

We Are the Change We Seek

Barrack Obama is known as one of the presidents who delivered the best speeches. So if you want to learn from a subject expert, We Are the Change We Seek is a must-have.

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